“New star touted as up-and-coming “Musical Mastermind” and “Tech Tycoon””



“She’s the only musician profiled in our Music Issue to have played with Ringo Starr.”

“… songwriting and performance chops well beyond their years…”


The professional journey of Nashville-based pop musician Bella Rose began to blossom at the age of thirteen, following her selection as a participant in the GRAMMY Museum’s Music Revolution Project. There, she met frequent collaborator and longtime songwriting partner Alex Bonyata. Bella was admitted at the early age of fourteen to study full-time in the Music Industry Recording Arts program at St. Pete College. Over the years spent together as musically ambitious teenagers, Bella and Alex continued to hone their unique sound and musical prowess. The Young Something, their indie pop rock band, went on to open for international acts such as Ringo Starr, Foreigner, AJR, Awolnation and Andy Grammar, also performing at music festivals including SXSW.

After the global pandemic canceled their nationwide tour with Sofar Sounds, and their second appearance at SXSW in 2020, The Young Something took a hiatus. While both were based in Nashville throughout that strange time in a backdrop defined by extreme collective emotions and the unknown fate of society, Bella and Alex remained close creative partners. They utilized this unsettling period of newfound free time as an opportunity to help each other launch their own respective careers as solo artists.

Bella Rose is currently establishing her presence on the global music scene as a solo pop artist by releasing singles that are not only catchy and fun but also therapeutic and thought-provoking. In addition to her releases on traditional streaming platforms, she is revolutionizing the music industry by embracing blockchain technology and offering NFT releases of her work in the virtual world of entertainment. This move allows creators and fans to build equity together, providing a unique opportunity to participate in the evolving space.

With honest songwriting that expresses emotional depth and wisdom beyond her years, as well as a massive respect for others and strong desire for collective and individual freedom, she breaks the tired materialistic mold that is expected and forced upon young pop stars today. As an upstanding advocate for mental health, speaking from a place of empathy and daily experience, she’s also proving that she’s not only a super talented musical artist and tech-savvy entrepreneur, she is a genuine human being who cares.

Along with her scheduled releases of new music through streaming platforms and as NFTs, make sure to follow her email list chronicling her ongoing evolution in the music industry, as well as her documented journey on social media.